Thirty-teen: Boomeranging Back Home

Thirty-teen: Boomeranging Back Home


According to recent news, Ivanka Trump, age 35, is moving into the White House with her father, President Donald Trump. In my own way, I can relate. I moved back home in my 30’s too.


Sure, I didn’t go back to my parents’ house to help them run the country. Tomato, tomah-toe.


I had to move back home in my 30’s to reboot my life. With Ivanka’s clothing line being dropped from Nordstrom’s in February and now buzz of a lawsuit for unfair competition allegations, I can’t help but wonder if Ivanka is trying to push the reset button too.


After high school, I had attended college shortly, dropped out, met my husband and got married by the tender age of 21. In the next eight years, we went on to start our own hardwood flooring business, refinanced a house (in my name), and had two beautiful children.


Then, as it does sometimes, the bottom dropped out.


The marriage failed due to mutual (and enormous) shortcomings on both of our parts. I went on to file bankruptcy, find a minimum wage job after not working for years, and got my own apartment.


However, I soon learned that keeping an apartment and raising two little ones part time was simply not feasible on minimum wage. It was time to boomerang back home to Mom and Dad. I have spent my time since then rebuilding my life.


Is Ivanka is moving onto something better, what with her new digs being the White House and all, or if she is simply making the best move she can right now after facing some pretty daunting problems recently? It’s hard to tell from the outside.


But I can say that I have learned from my own experience that sometimes, when life throws you a curveball, you are forced to turn to your family. Sometimes, it turns out you have to take a step back before you can take a step forward.


Life can be such a cha-cha sometimes.


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