Last Time



I said “see you later”

yet I knew it was a lie,

I watched your car pull away

round the bend for the last time

and I knew

I’d not lay eyes or lips on you again.


One-sided love


double-edged blade.

Cut to

me going through the motions of

accepting any of this with a semblance of grace.

One month;

Thirty odd days.

Ridiculous stint to lose


not to mention faith.


You’re fine,

you’re fine.

I’m not. This fact of our lives

makes it excruciatingly


for you to leave me behind,

but someone spent your


a while ago.

And then there’s mine


I thought must have run dry


I thought had died


until we kissed



traumatic persistence

upon human connection,

fucking eternal wellspring

of devastation.


But you always made me smile

and I

can’t even place blame

or hate you for this,

just cry

because I still

miss you


Baby, I wish I could have

mended your broken

heart and

I hope

we’re both doing


in time.


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