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Dream of Flowers and Water

I found myself in a Monet painting

I was swimming in a lake

Clear water, light blue

I could see my feet on the bottom

The sun was shining

There were vines in the water

A voice whispered in my mind,


It wasn’t  honeysuckle though

Based on what I know from real life

The flowers looked like roses

After some hallucinogenics

Orange and pink and red and white marbled petals

They smelled amazing

Like Valentine’s Day and love and spring breezes on

the most perfect of days

and my heart was peace.

“Touch them.”

I waded over to them

They felt like touching souls

I wanted my children to see them

and to smell them too.

So I decided to pick a few flowers

to take back to my waking life

I found a couple of the most beautiful

blooms I could find

and wrapped my hands

around them and began to pull.

But then the turn.

Everything began to change

My hands began to ache and throb

A strange stinging sensation

I felt sick to my gut

I began to wonder what I was touching

and was it something bad for me?

The voice was silent now and

numbness came over me, spreading

from my fingers to palms

and then up my arms.

I felt shaken to the core –

I thought this was beauty

I thought this was a perfect place

But now I felt pain and then nothing much

Besides betrayal and confusion

When I woke there was no lake

or flowers

Just the usual concrete streets and buildings

and overcast skies

But the feeling stayed with me

for the rest of the day

of dis-ease and betrayal of a trust

in some unknown voice

and I was glad to remember

that I don’t believe in God.