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Raising a Generation of Accidental Feminists

My daughter’s hair is

long now. She twirls it very

slowly around her right index finger

and down the bridge of her

upturned nose, stares with her favorite shade –

“General Disdain.”

She knows what’s up, knows the deal

with her cycles and all that stuff, I told

her last year before it hit her, but

after her first panic attack,

I just found out I’d completely forgotten

to mention PMS.

My bad.

She has never once let me

curl her hair. She brushes it very

smooth and straight now and she

talks in the confident unwavering manner

typical of a boy. I know it’s wrong

for me to say that. I would never

mention it to her.

I suppose I can tell you a

thing or two about raising a

smart and interesting daughter, but

I can’t yet give you a girl

who knows how to shave her legs.