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They always told me suicide doesn’t

diminish pain

but merely re-purposes it

for the ones left behind,

and it’s true.

Now here we

are left, all


slow sprawl like

rescue workers edging across

broken ice, trying to distribute

weight evenly as to not

create a larger fracture and fall through

too. But you’re already

gone too

far beneath the surface

unreachable and



I carry this, my little corner of your


and I hope it helped

and that you made it



because you are finally

traveling light.



Found out you were gone today.

Fire, rain, alwimage1_2280ays

thought I’d see you again,

and so on.

But if I do,

it will be at your funeral now

before they put you in the ground.


you’re gone.

You were my friend

For years.

You had Ken-doll perfect hair and

rolled the best blunts

in grape wraps,

You were argumentative as hell,

used to piss me off like no other,

and make comments

about my breasts.

But not in a creepy way –

you made me laugh.

You were kind of


So was our entire

dysfunctional family though.

Once when you were

working with Eric,

the site didn’t have a restroom,

he had to piss in a Gatorade bottle,

and he put the bottle in

the trash box


you drank a big swig of it.

Who does that –

drinks a bottle out of the trash?

Pete, that’s who.

It was the funniest

event that year

and I laughed til I cried.

And now I’m crying

grief this time.

You’re gone


You were my friend

before our demons

pulled us apart.

Let’s have a smoke on the other side

when it’s my turn,

I will bring the grape wrap.

Rest in peace.