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I never want to

fall in love,

to decline in the way

that killed Romeo and Juliet.

If Love wants me

I insist

on rising up to meet her

and being embraced

by her warm golden glow.

I will have it

no other way.


Garry May

Garry May threw up on my shoe the first time we met,

looked up at me,

smiled and said, “I love you.”

And that was it for me.

Without reason,

I loved him terribly and immediately.

We were at a bar downtown.

Then he played a Blondie song on the jukebox,

made a joke about anal sex to a young couple.

I think they were on a first date,

They seemed offended,

and I laughed.

He looked like that guy from the Libertines,

during a bad patch

and whenever you had him over,

was habitually entitled to any booze in the house.

Garry told people to fuck off

without hesitation,

he always smoked all my cigarettes.

Sometimes he was downright gross.

Truly, he was a handful,

there was an ugliness about him

that scared away the faint of heart,

and I loved it.


we did drunk yoga.

The ugly in me

honors the ugly in you,

my beloved derelict, Garry.

In people,

It’s hard to love the darknesses ,

but I think we should shoot for that

if we really want it to matter.

Untitled Lullaby

There are still good people out there,
my Love,
Don’t let yourself forget it
As you read of the tragedies and travesties many participate in
There are still good people, my Love.
Don’t let the fear paint you into a corner.
When you think you are alone in a dark place,
You can see the spark of kindness in the eyes of a stranger working behind the counter at the gas station,
Selling cigarettes, smiling at you like humans do.
Not the seeing-through-you glare that industrialization has nurtured in many.
When you hold the door open for someone else,
Look into their eyes for real and
Let them know too.

He Loved Me But He Didn’t Love Me

In a certain darkness, the illumination of love in the eyes of someone looks like a prayer candle lit in the solemnity of the church – a dim area, quiet hush of prayer, of hoping or begging for something, anything; for some, a last resort. More lumens to maybe call upon the notice of a less-than-attentive god, or to at least illuminate a spell of darkness, and all those hopes flicker and bounce shadows about the fCandles-and-lights-for-Day-of-the-Deadaces of the praying, simultaneously revealing and distorting, depending on the slant of the flame at that moment. When we signal to the fates, some kind of SOS from the spirit, sometimes we must settle for reading answers from the shadows created, like Plato and his cave.

I was not sent to answer his call, but he decided I must have been. He never asked me before I was appointed. It was not my choice, nor my function. I am as lost here as anyone. But, he saw my face, and the flicker in the dark was a beacon, and so he decided I was the answer. But I hadn’t been asked any question. My candle was my own prayer, my desperate reaching for some kind of path to tread, but he took it as some sign meant for him, and began to follow me. Soon we were both lost and I had to send him away.

I have logged in countless hours as an object of affection in the lives of others. A serial monogamist for the better part of my teen years and my adulthood, I was also a searcher. I knew the love I wanted was out there for me and I had to find it. This was often at the cost of my family, my funds, my family, my self. Not to mention my dignity. There were several mistaken attempts… well, ok, let’s be straight about it – they were all missed attempts, failed connections, complete raging disasters at times. My poor parents, who were stuck with me as I returned home over and over, after each failure would come to its conclusion, they would pack up the truck with my remaining possessions and bring me back home.

I thought I was doing the right thing – I was following my ultimate vision of love! For the love of God, isn’t that the meaning of it all?! In the eyes of that other person I would see the reflected flicker of my prayer and I would reach for it. “Reach” is really an inaccurately moderate word; it was more of a lunge mixed with a stumble, or maybe a blind leap. I would fall into the relationship, willy-nilly, and despite repeated failures, I always found myself shocked when I wound up on my ass, tears in my eyes, hair a mess, fat lip, possessions lost at apartments I had to abandon after being shoved down the steps of what was previously “our” dwelling. My inner eye still has a rip inside of it from that one time. I lost my white and purple quilt, my favorite lamp he smashed, and finally, thankfully, my innocence. The loss of this set of false beliefs was the gift. It was then that I began to understand that my vision deceived me. I wasn’t seeing love in these places. I was seeing the reflection of my hope, and it was an illusion, and quite dangerous.

When he began to pursue me, I knew immediately not to take it personally. Usually that expression has a negative connotation – don’t take it personally. But it applies in love, too. Sometimes someone falls in love with you and it has very little to do with you. That was what he was doing, and I knew it. Yes, it’s hard to not get caught up in the heady feeling of, OMG! Somebody Loves Me! but my previous experience had left me better equipped to understand it. He thought he loved me but he never did. He never could have. He barely knew me but the candle of his hope caught in the darkness of eyes and he focused on that spark, and followed. I told him to stop.

Pushing away these pursuits will make people think you are cold and unfeeling, locked up, broken, unavailable. Don’t listen to it. I know I’m not broken – I’m far from it. I have been smashed and rebuilt so many times, the glue and sharp edges has made a new conglomerate of stuff and now I am stronger than ever before. And I may have a torn inner eye but my vision is finally perfect in this regard. He thinks he loves me but he does not. The whole thing has very little to do with me. I am a placeholder, the variable x in his equation, to be filled by any value that makes sense within a particular solution set.

I hope someday he understands this and appreciates what I did by stepping away and saying sorry, not sorry. It wasn’t a rejection, but an act of reverence and respect. Our souls deserve more than being a mere reflection of someone’s hope and sorrow. The life of being the mortal mirror is one of the deepest sorrows one can face. It’s so very lonely to live as a reflection of everyone else. Walking through life seeing others as a means to an end of loneliness only pushes away real relationships and plunges the self into further isolation and despair. Only when we make genuine connections beyond our need are we able to really begin to know, and eventually love, anybody.

Morning Meditation

10410449_441996972608898_3583355393809523315_nDo not wait for life to make you happy. Do not wait for the world to bend to your notions of what you require from it before you allow yourself to appreciate being here. It just won’t. And it’s ok.

You aren’t owed happiness and the universe is not compelled to bend over backwards to make it so. The universe will leave you to your own devices. You cannot see the light if you don’t want to see it. If you’re looking for reasons to be angry or discontented, you will become an expert at finding those reasons, and it will get to be so easy. You will carry in your mind a long list of what must occur before you can be happy, and a list of everything stopping you from attaining that. Don’t wait to fulfill all of your conditions which must be met before you begin to really live. You will end up missing the good parts.

Grieve the sorrows when they come, and listen to your anger when it speaks – you don’t need to be a hero or a liar. But please don’t take it personally. It’s not personal. Pain is widespread. Shoulder your share with grace. Do it for yourself. Do it for the rest of humanity. Know that it’s your fair share, and that everyone gets a turn to struggle. Don’t be too precious when your turn comes. Take your lumps, and move on. Help somebody else with theirs because you know what it’s like.

Don’t waste time pointing fingers at what you hate. Focus your attention on ways around the ugly parts, and keep your sight on the love. There is so much of it. You aren’t alone, even if you feel like you are. See the light. See it in strangers’ eyes when you are out walking around, and look into the eyes of the lady who hands you your coffee at the drive through in the morning. Even if she won’t see you back. Don’t take it personally. Smile at people. Even if they piss you off. Sometimes you can be an asshole, too. I can be. Laugh at it. Move on.

Don’t turn your heart away from compassion for others, even if it is excruciating at times. Apathy is the shelter of those too afraid to feel. Be brave. Let your pain make you strong and don’t be greedy. When you help other people, you put your own pain to good use. It becomes powerful. Share your strength when you can, and let others be strong for you when you need it. Own up to your power. Don’t place it in the hands of others and then blame them for not using it right. See the hurt in your enemy, and grieve it for them. See the humanity in your enemy too, and love it. Forgive them, even if in only in the privacy of your soul, and then move on from the anger.

This is your chance, right now, here in this form. Stop clinging to what should be, and open yourself up to what is. This is today; this is now, and this is your moment. I don’t care who says life sucks. Attitudes suck. Life is beautiful, even when you can’t tell for the moment. Be grateful for the ugly in life and laugh at it, because it means you are living to experience it. It’s finite and it could be gone without warning. Be brave, be love. It’s today.

Good morning.

Budgetary Notice

I think it’s time to say goodbye to you.

Not that you will know, because I am not going to tell you, and I sincerely doubt you will notice for a while. At least, not until there is something you need from me. I hope I am strong enough to let my silence speak for me then, because you do not deserve to know what is in my heart and mind anymore.

I view relationships in an economic sense. When deciding what relationships I can take on, I look at my emotional “budget” and what I can afford to invest. While this may sound a bit cold, I think this is a smart way to operate, because our relationships truly are investments we make, and we pay in the form of time and emotional energy. Sometimes we see returns, and sometimes, we don’t, and if we are lucky, we at least break even. If we are not so lucky, we suffer a loss and are forced to absorb it. These losses often cause us to pull funding from other projects we have invested in, and can substantially impact other unrelated outcomes. Like that break-up that I struggled with last year, when it became hard for me to speak to anyone, even my close friends, for a little while.

And then, of course, there are the times when investments pay off, wildly, beautifully.

My budget for us is blown and I am pulling the plug and taking all funding away from the friendship I have spent the last few years making investments in, the one with you. Notice my wording – investments I have been making. Because, let’s face it, this has been a pretty one-sided relationship. I gave it time to see if this was truth or if it was my insecurity and neurotic personality traits coming through, because I know my limitations and realize that this happens at times. And there were times that it seemed you reciprocated. Time was needed to track patterns and to eventually use this data to forecast our possible outcome.

I knew there was an aloof coldness and emotional stinginess about you, but some could say the same about me. This alone is not an indication that a person is unable to be loved. So I decided to monitor the status of things between us for a while, invest only a small amount periodically, what I could spare if need be, and wait and see what the long-term outcome was. I saw some really wonderful things about you, the way you think, your sense of integrity, your critical thinking skills, and your sharp witted sense of humor. I still think that it was worth it to attempt to nurture things and see what the outcome was, and I wouldn’t go back and change my mind if I could. It was worth trying, I believe. Any kind of love or finance is usually a gamble.

Over the course of months, I noticed some patterns, ones that, quite frankly, didn’t bode well for the future of our project together. The frequency of your energetic investments seemed to peak during the times when there was something you needed from me, specifically. You only seemed to respond to me around the times when there was something you needed from me. My connections, my love and concern, my company; these are all resources you called upon when it suited you. Surely you had noticed that I was pretty consistent in my affection and fondness of you, and you seemed pretty comfortable with benefitting from it when it worked for you. Damn right I was consistent – I stand behind my investments with diligence. I don’t do things half-assed.

Some things in my life kind of hit the skids. I needed to draw from some of my investments in order to have resources to navigate some trying times. About 95% of my other projects had equity to fund me through this rough time, thank goodness, and I was able to manage.

Yours was not one of them. You were nowhere to be found. And now, you must go.

I admit it is with some sadness that I cut this whole thing off. It’s hard to walk away. I really liked you and wanted to have you in my life, as childishly simple a statement like that may be. It’s the truth. But the facts are there, black and white and undeniable. I have always been more invested in this than you were. It’s not equitable for me. Why should I keep pumping funds into you, a project that is happy to eat my energy and love but is unwilling to reciprocate? That’s foolish, and really, quite embarrassing.

I am sure eventually there will be another message from you, some text or something, when you want something from me. It will start off as a hello, then a “Hey, can you…” I will remind myself to hold back that good-natured part of myself, the puppy part of me who is always so glad to see a friend and jumps on them and covers them with kisses. No puppy kisses for you anymore, sorry, love. No reply for you.

When it comes to our relationship, I’m spent. Cashed out.

Good luck to you out there. Maybe someone else will see your potential the way I did, and maybe this time, you will appreciate it and recognize the value there, instead of ignoring it like you did with me, and throwing your resources into some shoddy scheme like I have watched you do many times.

Some people do not have the sense for emotional high finance.