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Should Have Been a Seinfeld Episode

There was lady singing in the bathroom stall

yesterday on campus and I was not

entirely sure how I felt about the matter.

Between classes, I entered the

restroom and found it to be quite

crowded with Ugg-booted

leggings-clad young ladies,

a few who were waiting for their turn,

others at the sinks or

mirrors, washing hands or checking

hair and make-up, standard for

any day. But then I noticed a lone

voice, wafting up from one of the

pairs of feet in a stall, singing

a meandering and

aimless melody. I resisted the

urge to look incredulously

into the eyes of the others in proximity to me, but no one else seemed fazed.


Is this even for real?

The lack of direction of her tune

bothered me the most for some

reason – “Oh, When the Saints

Go Marching In” would have been

somehow less disconcerting.

I try to be a person whose

outlook is consistent with such

things as random bursts of

song and other displays of joy,

but this seemed somehow indulgent


and borderline insane. It went on from

the time I entered until the time I

left, ceaselessly.

It filled me with no joy, only

irritation and confusion.

Somebody is showboating their nice day

or their healthy bowel movement? I speculated.

Was it some kind of dare?

I realize my reaction may say more about

me than it did about the singing,

pooping woman, as things

tend to do. Have I lost

sight of my ability to find

fun in the random and insignificant

parts of my day?


was it just another case of someone

straddling the razor-thin

line between joyous and


I finished drying my hands and

went to class.